You can help free girls like Stella every single month.

Stella was 16 the first time her trafficker sold her. She had been told she’d be working at a hotel. Instead, she was abused for profit. But one day, law enforcement and investigators came and freed her. Now Stella is in school and receiving care — and it was all possible because of monthly donors. 

When you join Freedom Collective, our monthly giving community, you will free young people like Stella.

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Join a generous community lighting
the road out of modern-day slavery.

When you join Freedom Collective, 100% of your gift will go directly to the frontlines of the fight against human trafficking.

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Fund Investigation

You will fund local investigators to gather evidence and partner with law enforcement to find and free those trapped in human trafficking.
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Prevent Trafficking

You will provide training for law enforcement on how to recognize and intervene in human trafficking and education for communities to prevent human trafficking.

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Offer Care

You will ensure that survivors of human trafficking have social workers and trauma-informed aftercare on their road to healing.
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Celebrate Freedom

Each month, you will celebrate victories with us as we send you stories of the men, women, and children who have been freed because of you and Freedom Collective.

Stories of freedom this community made possible.


was freed from conditions of slavery on a cassava plantation because Brazilian law enforcement received training and equipment to identify and intervene in human trafficking.
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and her 6-year-old daughter received counseling, community, and a safe place to live after leaving a life of exploitation.
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was freed from being trafficked on social media by his uncle. Now he is in a safe home and is going back to school.
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You’re in good company

We are Freedom Collective

Freedom Collective is made up of passionate and dedicated advocates, just like you, who believe no one should ever be bought, sold, or exploited.

We continue to partner with The Exodus Road because their work isn’t just cutting weeds but pulling them out by the roots. They strategically work to collect data and work with local authorities to take down entire rings of traffickers, which helps bring freedom to more victims.
Sarah & SeanTexas
Every rescue notification that I receive from The Exodus Road reminds me that my participation is bringing REAL change in the world. I can know that the funds I contribute are truly being used to bring hope to those that need it most.
Finding The Exodus Road made it feel like we could contribute in a meaningful way to those who were already establishing operations to save those in captivity. We're encouraged by the regular communications that celebrate when captives are set free and arrests are made.
Jeff & EmilyMichigan

Our members have already brought freedom to nearly 2,000 survivors of human trafficking and justice to more than 1,000 traffickers. We need you to join us to light the road out of slavery for the next Stella.

Names and images are representative to protect survivor identities.