Beyond Rescue

Freedom Home

Freedom Home is a survivor care center in Thailand. It uniquely serves young adult women who are survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

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The Philosophy behind Freedom Home

The need for quality survivor care programming is essential in the fight for true freedom. Too often, survivors return to the sex industry even after a rescue operation because they feel that there are no other options. Survivors’ unique vulnerabilities must be met to enable them to begin new, healthy lives.

Committed national staff

Freedom Home addresses survivor vulnerabilities with a team of committed, national staff who are passionate about walking alongside women as they journey from victimhood and exploitation to strength and independence.

Now Open! 

Freedom Home opened to clients in Fall 2021.
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“Caring for trafficking survivors requires a trauma-responsive approach to care that recognizes that impact of trauma across the life span, avoids re-victimization, and leverages resilience to empower survivors. This is the goal of our aftercare program. We want to support survivors in their healing process and lead them to successful independent living.” SolaRegional Aftercare Coordinator
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Key elements of our program.

Freedom Home provides both an immediate safe house for women that need crisis care, as well as a one-year mentorship program that includes trauma-informed therapy, life skills classes, education or entrepreneurship training, and community internships. 
  • A safe and loving environment for women to stay in the safe house (up to one month) or to enter our mentorship program (one year).
  • Community living with like-minded women.
  • Trauma-informed group and individual therapy.
  • Life-skills classes to include: healthy relationships, personal safety, physical health and nutrition, communication, mental health strategies, budgets, family relationships, personal goal setting, and more.
  • Holistic medical care.
  • Individualized plans for growth, healing, and pursuing independence.
  • Education, job skills training, community internships, or business training for sustainable futures.

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When will you open for clients?

While COVID-19 delayed our opening, Freedom Home welcomed our first clients in Fall of 2021!

Why is Freedom Home for adult women only?

We’ve seen a real gap in services for survivors who are over the ages of 18. They often do not qualify for the same support from the Social Welfare Systems as minors do. Because of this, many of them end up back on the streets in vulnerable situations, in desperate need of work . . . and often are forced back into the sex industry as a means of survival. Freedom Home uniquely serves these women who fall through the cracks of the system, but desire another option for their futures. Women with small children will also be considered for the mentorship program.

Can the women in your mentorship program leave when they want?

YES! One of the greatest gifts we can give survivors is the power of independent choice. No one will ever be forced to stay in the program, however, participants must adhere to the house and program rules to access the housing and services that Freedom Home provides. 

What is the difference between the safe house and the mentorship program?

Both the safe house and the mentorship program are housed in the same location and include food and shelter. The safe house portion of Freedom Home is designed to provide immediate, crisis care for women in need. Clients have access to medical care, trauma-informed counseling, safe and secure shelter, and help with legal documents, if necessary. Women can remain there, free of charge, for up to one month. We want to give them a place to breathe, feel safe, get immediate care, and determine their next best step. 

If women choose to do so, they can enter the mentorship program. The mentorship program is one year in length and includes full-service programming to include life skills, group and individual therapy, education or entrepreneurial training, and community internships. Our team will continue to follow up with graduates as they begin their new independent lives.

Who leads Freedom Home?

Freedom Home is a project led by The Exodus Road team. On the ground leadership is 100% local national and predominantly female. We collaborate with other NGO’s on the ground for referrals, program support, or partnership projects.

Are all clients survivors of sex trafficking?

All clients will be survivors of sexual exploitation or sex trafficking. Much overlap between the two groups exists, and age and circumstance play a role in determining the differences. All individuals in the commercial sex industry who are minors are victims of human trafficking. Thus, some clients in our program will be women who by legal definition are not currently trafficking victims, but who began work in the sex industry as a minor (and thus, by legal definition, were trafficking victims then). Because of the nuance that exists, we’ve determined to welcome any woman, over the age of 18, who has suffered from sexual exploitation or sex trafficking, typically within the commercial sex industry in Thailand.

How can I help?

You can become a monthly supporter of our Search + Rescue Program, which includes the work of our national social workers in Thailand, or you can make a one-time donation to support the work of The Exodus Road.

How we holistically fight human trafficking.

We know that rescue is only the first step to healing. We’re bringing about systemic, holistic change through our Beyond Rescue program.