How we started.

An ordinary couple’s journey into the undercover world of sex trafficking.

The Story

The Exodus Road began through the journey and work of founders Laura and Matt Parker. Moving to SE Asia with their family in April 2010, Matt and Laura initially directed a children’s home for hill-tribe girls in rural Northern Thailand. During that time, Matt and Laura were exposed to marginalized people groups – targets for human trafficking. Eventually, Matt began networking with NGOs and local police to learn about the problem at the ground level. After a period of research, he was deputized by police and started working personally to find those trapped in slavery as an undercover investigator. Armed with hidden body-worn cameras, he posed as a “john,” a man interested in sex for sale, and gathered evidence for police partners. It was gritty work that neither of them expected when they first began their journey. After investigating hundreds of bars and brothels throughout SE Asia with police, Matt and Laura began The Exodus Road in January of 2012 with the belief that justice is in the hands of ordinary people – just like them. Matt and Laura have since been joined by a diverse group of committed staff and volunteers active in multiple countries around the world. Laura Parker serves as the CEO of the organization, while Matt Parker serves as Chief Strategy Consultant in our Global Program Department. After living overseas for seven years, their home base is now Colorado Springs, CO.



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A Free Gift for You

The inspiring, award-winning story of how The Exodus Road began. A husband, a wife, and the gritty journey into undercover work.