Human Trafficking Intervention

Find and free people caught in human trafficking

Over the last decade, The Exodus Road has become an expert in helping police find and free people caught in human trafficking. We also equip law enforcement to arrest traffickers for legal prosecutions.

Through our Intervention program, we: 

  • Train local investigators, 
  • Use cyber analytics to detect trafficking,
  • Identify victims, 
  • Capture evidence of human trafficking,
  • Build effective cases, 
  • Support law enforcement in operations, 
  • Provide immediate care to survivors through social workers.

Where we work

Our Intervention teams are in India, Thailand, the Philippines, and an undisclosed country in Latin America. Our Cyber Analytics Team in the U.S. also gathers evidence of human trafficking to deliver to US law enforcement. 

All of our teams are primarily comprised of local national leaders and staff. Our investigators must pass an extensive vetting process, which includes a psychological evaluation and field training. All investigators undergo regular training and oversight in investigative best practices.

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Latin America | In this undisclosed country, we empower a highly effective team of national investigators. They support evidence gathering with police and have a special focus on cases involving criminal syndicates and transnational crime.
Brazil | We train law enforcement in Brazil through TraffickWatch Academy, a 10-module course featuring Brazilian experts on identifying and responding to human trafficking. We also equip national police with anti-trafficking technology.
India | Our team of investigators and social workers in India is highly effective and 100% national. They target rural brothels and utilize a network of hundreds of informants and police networks to rescue girls and women trapped in sex trafficking.
Thailand | The birthplace of The Exodus Road. Our team of national investigators works with Anti-Human Trafficking Police on cases primarily involving the sex trafficking of minor boys and girls. We also run Freedom Home in Thailand, an aftercare shelter and program for survivors.
Philippines | Under strong national leadership, our team in the Philippines combats sex trafficking through investigations in cities with high levels of human trafficking crime.
United States | Our team of cyber analysts scrape the internet for known indicators of human trafficking. This intel is used to produce target packages for law enforcement. At our U.S. office in Colorado, we also provide training and resources to make communities safer through our digital TraffickWatch Academy.

Why human trafficking intervention is important

As we build the capacity of local justice systems to combat human trafficking, we are making a long-term, strategic impact. Survivors are freed, and criminal networks are stopped from exploiting vulnerable people. 

According to data from the UNODC, on average, each trafficker arrest could spare seven victims from exploitation and prevent 13 cumulative years of abuse.

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You can help find and free people caught in human trafficking.

With your gift to a proven and established anti-trafficking organization, you will usher in real, life-altering change for survivors of human trafficking. Join Freedom Collective, our monthly giving community lighting the road out of modern-day slavery.

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