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Human Trafficking Training: Fight Human Trafficking With Education

At The Exodus Road, we’ve gathered a decade of frontline experience. Now we’re giving it away in this free human trafficking training course.

Take Our Anti Human Trafficking Course

TraffickWatch Academy U.S.: Free Human Trafficking Training

This entirely digital training on human trafficking is your opportunity to learn the facts about and gain certification in the fight against human trafficking on a local and global scale.
Education is one of the most powerful and crucial weapons in the fight for freedom. Whether you’re a law enforcement officer or an everyday activist, you’ll gain education through two free 20-minute modules full of facts, stories, and action steps.
You can expect:
  • Facts and statistics about human trafficking in the U.S. and around the world
  • Warning signs that a person might be trafficked
  • Practical action steps to combat human trafficking in all its forms
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge
  • A certificate demonstrating your proficiency in human trafficking awareness
  • Follow-up resources

Reviews from other activists

Hear from other activists who have taken this anti human trafficking course.


“The Exodus Road’s TraffickWatch Academy is an incredible resource to learn more about human trafficking. I was shocked to learn the extent of the problem. The course is 100% worth your time!”


“I see forms of trafficking in my country (Sweden). The course helped me towards recognizing the different types of trafficking and how to inform others about it while taking active steps to help those in need.”


“This course provided excellent information regarding human trafficking in the United States. When I learned about human trafficking previously, it was most often spoken about on the global scale. This course took an in-depth look at human trafficking specifically in our communities right here in the U.S.”


“It is a great way in less than an hour to understand human trafficking and to identify ways we can get involved and help.”

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TraffickWatch Academy : Brazil

The Exodus Road partnered with human trafficking experts in Brazil to create a specialized, in-depth TraffickWatch training for Brazilian law enforcement. This training includes 10 modules with topics including:

  • Human Trafficking in Brazil 101
  • Human trafficking in the judicial system
  • Survivor care
  • Building effective cases
  • Using technology to investigate sex trafficking

”Providing training for police officers in Brazil will produce an immediate impact in the fight against human trafficking. This training will bring light to a problem that plagues Brazil and that often goes unnoticed.

Cintia MeirellesHumanitarian Affairs Specialist

TraffickWatch FAQ

What is TraffickWatch Academy?

TraffickWatch is an initiative of the anti-human trafficking nonprofit The Exodus Road. TraffickWatch Academy is a part of that initiative, a digital training platform designed to equip law enforcement, leaders, and citizens in the fight against human trafficking.

These are our current TraffickWatch resources:

  • TraffickWatch Academy U.S. This free two-module series focuses on the basics of human trafficking and how to keep communities safe, both globally and in America.
  • TraffickWatch Academy Brazil. This 10 module course will train thousands of Brazilian law enforcement officers, featuring insight from Brazilian human trafficking experts.
  • TraffickWatch Immersive Website. The free online experience at offers a ten minute journey through stories and statistics of trafficking today.

Where did you get your statistics and resources for TraffickWatch Academy?

Our primary sources for the information shared on Traffickwatch Academy can be found at , the , , and the .

All video resources are produced by The Exodus Road. TraffickWatch Academy Brazil resources come from a variety of Brazilian experts. Those sources are cited within the training platform.

Why is this training important?

Awareness training is a form of human trafficking prevention. Training like this can be a highly effective way for law enforcement, leaders, citizens, organizations, schools, and businesses to recognize and deter human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a significant social justice issue in our world. Unfortunately, few people have access to education that equips them to understand the issue and identify the warning signs. When passionate people are equipped with knowledge about how to recognize and prevent exploitation in their local communities, a significant impact on freedom becomes possible.

How can I get in touch with a comment or question?

We are always open to feedback! If you have a question or comment about TraffickWatch Academy, email [email protected]. We will respond as quickly as possible.

How do I get involved?

The simplest way to get involved is to join the TraffickWatch Community by signing up on this page. You’ll get access to the free training course, and we will send you occasional email updates full of additional free resources and advocacy ideas. We will also be providing you with opportunities to connect with other like-minded activists. You can also share the link to this page with friends who might also be interested in learning more about preventing human trafficking. This is a simple, practical way you can join us in the fight against human trafficking!

How we holistically fight human trafficking.

The Exodus Road is an organization of action, bringing about systemic, holistic change. We invest in three core programs: Prevention, Intervention and Aftercare.